A woman numb from tragic loss must make a decision that could subject her to painful memories. Her two friends guide her through this decision process. In the meantime, she is oblivious to the signs everywhere providing gentle and loving support. Will she make the right choice before it's too late?

SYNOPSIS (short)

A year ago, Michelle (ANNETTE FIGUEROA) experienced a tragic loss.  Since then, she has been living her life in a state of numbness and emotional detachment.  An unexpected note from her former boyfriend, Dan (PAUL PETRUS), might just change the direction of her life, for better or worse.


In contemplating her decision, she relies on her two friends (NICOLE ABISINIO and GEORGIA CHRIS) for advise.  She vacillates between the two opinions during the story, completely unaware of the consequences of making the wrong choice.


She doesn’t realize that her questions have already been answered. They appear in the form of angels and signs, which have always been there, gently supporting her and giving her strength and guidance during difficult times.  Will she listen to the right friend and notice the signs around her?

SYNOPSIS (medium)

“Michelle, you can’t changed what’s happened but you can change your mind about it.” – Higher-Self

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